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Online bookings are for active clients only

How to make your online booking? Follow these easy steps...

  1. Select the appointment type
  2. Select your Therapist
  3. Select a date and time
  4. Tell us your details: 
  • Your information - is the client name and date of birth
  • Contact Details - is who will receive the appointment reminder email and text message
  • Extra Information to advise us of any information you would like us to know before we meet with you
Press Book Appointment to confirm booking.

Once you have made your booking, you will receive an email to confirm the booking was successful (this may take several minutes)

If you need to make a cancellation or change an appointment date/time, you can do this via the link in your email confirming your booking was successful. When you cancel an appointment, there will be a prompt to make another appointment. 

Download a social story for your appointment from the bottom of this page!

appointment social stories

Social Stories

At New England Behaviour Support, we use Social Stories to provide information about what to expect.  

Feel free to download a social story for your appointment so you know what to expect!

Initial appointment social story

Therapy appointment social story

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