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chantelle sims

Practice Owner

Social Worker

Chantelle Sims is a registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers and is committed to providing clients, families and their tribe of support with high quality, evidence based & realistic support.

Chantelle is a Social Worker providing therapy for children, teens and adults under Early Intervention and Improved Daily Living.

Chantelle has worked in the disability sector for over 15 years specialising in supporting people with Autism, Down syndrome, Prada-Willi Syndrome and Intellectual Disability to minimise behaviours and enhance wellbeing and participation within their community.

Chantelle is trained in, but not limited to: Positive Behaviour Support, Complex and Developmental Trauma, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Marte Meo, Sexual Education for People with Disabilities and has attended various short courses including Sue Larkey and Tony Attwood.

Outside of work, Chantelle loves to go camping with her family and exploring throughout Australia.  After hours, she's planning an adventure over to Western Australia to see the beautiful west coast!   

shanin phillis

Social Worker

Shanin joined the New England Behaviour Support team in January 2020 to support people with disabilities live fulfilling and meaningful lives.  

Shanin is a Social Worker providing therapy and behaviour support for children aged 2 to 18 years under Early Intervention and Improved Daily Living. 

Shanin has experience in paediatric and family work across home and school settings, using strengths based and person centred approaches in her everyday work with people.

Outside of work, Shanin enjoys spending time with her two dogs, family and going fishing.

Shanin is currently working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

meg deasy

Social Worker

Meg joined the New England Behaviour Support team in October 2021 to use her enthusiasm of play-based therapy to support clients be able to reach their full potential.

Meg is a Social Worker with experience in paediatric and family work and prides herself in being able to listen to children and explore their strengths in order to get through difficult times.

Meg brings a tonne of enthusiasm to the New England Behaviour Support Paediatric team!

Outside of work, Meg loves to spend time with her gorgeous sausage dog who we hope visits the NEBS clinic every now and then! 

caroline grant

Therapy Assistant

Caroline joined the New England Behaviour Support team in January 2021 to support our therapy team and clients.  

Caroline is responsible for creating individualised resources, implementing therapy recommendations and communicating with clients, service providers and specialists.  Caroline is an essential member of New England Behaviour Support team that keeps everything working well! 

Caroline is an Early Childhood Educator with vast experience in the early childhood sector; including supporting little ones with a variety of disabilities and implementing recommendations.  

Outside of work, you'll find Caroline spending time with her family, cats and many birds! She loves cooking healthy foods and has some amazing recipes to share.  

what does a social worker do?

Social Workers facilitate social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people with an ongoing commitment to human rights and social justice.

Social Workers work with individuals, families, groups and communities in the context of their physical, social and cultural environments, their past and current experiences, and their cultural and belief systems.

Social Workers maintain a dual focus on both assisting with and improving human wellbeing (you) and identifying and addressing any external issues (system or structural issues) that may impact on wellbeing or may create inequality, injustice and discrimination.

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